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    Hi All,

    I've just made the switch to the 800W from a 755P. So far I think it has been a big step up from the Palm OS. While not perfect, I would rather have extra flexibility that WM 6.1 allows when compared to Palm's outdated OS.

    Here is one trade off that I've noticed:

    My 755P would "learn" the words as typed them in, ie. user names. The 800W provides a list of word possibilities as you begin typing, which is very handy! The 755 doesn't provide such list. Where as the 800W doesn't seem to have the "learning" capability.

    I searched the manual and the forums but cannot find a setting I am missing.


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    The 800w does learn words after you type them so often (not sure what the mechanism of action is really, I just know it does lol), but unfortunately, there's not really any kind of settings for it as far as i know. You just start to notice that certain words you used to type out now show up in that list of word possibilities.
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    You can also use Word Corrector to add/remove/edit the dictionary.

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