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    By now you probably have many cool custom ringtones on your Windows MObile Smartphone, but you can't enjoy them all. Well, we have solved that problem with Ringtone Shuffler, which lets you shuffle your ringtones such that every time a call comes in you hear a different custom ringtone. Its really sweet stuff

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    Nice, Tunji, but when are you going to port UltimatePhone to Windows Mobile?!
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    we probably should have done this already, but this wait and see game with nova is kind of messing up plans. Now that you say it, i will give it more thought again
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    You would make me a very happy camper. It's the one and only thing missing from WM to make my user experience perfect.

    And just look at all the others like me who finally gave up playing the waiting game and switched from Palm os to WM!
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    I will also agree with Alli on this, I made the big move too & I'm a happy camper too.

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