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    sorry, I have only one laptop which syncs with the old TP. Now I want to install the new TP with the same device name as I have purchased some software under that name.

    So my question is how to smoothly switch to the new TP? Many thanks!!
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    I know some did a Sprite Backup to their card, and then just did I Sprite Restore onto their new Pro.

    For me, I've had a TYTN, then a 750, and now finally the Pro, and I've been able to use the same Device name so I can use software I purchased over 2+ years ago. (1 example is Resco Explorer)
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    Same here, as long as your device name in Windows Mobile doesnt change, you can use the same registration codes for your software you have purchased over & over.
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    sprite backup works great. the only downside is that my 3G config got messed up when I applied the .cab sprite file, so I had to manually set it up.

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