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    Ok I found this site looking for more themes for my Treo Pro and after doing more research there's alot over at xda about this great program. First off its practically freeware (They ask for donations). Second it almost gives you unlimited ways to customize your spb shell. Third its very very easy to use. So here are two links worth while to check out. Last 320x320 is supported without using realvga. I'm using the omnia theme see my screen shots. I also use spbwatcher as well to revert to the clock page automatically.

    I must say if you really enjoy this program as much as me I highly recommend you donate some $$ cause its well worth it.

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    Thanks for the link, I got it installed and it is wonderful. Im using HTC for the bottom icons and iphone icons for programs and the Omnia clock. isnt that cool lol.
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    Would this (or SPB Mobile Shell rather) cover up Today screen system tray icons? I use CE Star which plonks an unneeded icon down there that I don't want!
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    Pretty nice if a bit experimental and clunky. Thing is though that the original icons from mobile shell are much better and now unavailable!
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    yeah i agree, not all of the themes are good, not everything is pretty. The iphone/omnia/HTC stuff looks good IMO. Also i tried to go back to original but it did not work fully so i did a uninstall/reinstall of mobile shell to get back to original. the 'original script' didnt work fully.

    Then I tried to get rid of the scripts folder to see what would happen and got an error message. So im not really sure how to fully uninstall it. and the readme doesn't say anything. In the end i just kept it because its a nice change, ive been looking at the stock mobile shell theme for a long time (since my 750).
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    now all they is for 2.1.2 to be compatible with RealVGA..
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    I uninstalled Mobile Shell completely. It's very pretty but it gets in the way of Treo's quick dialling and Flexmail. The Today plugin is more useful but it's worth $30.
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