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    I came across which allows users to upload your song list and u can then stream songs directly from their site.

    I wanted to listen my itunes library on 800w. So only option is to go to and listen

    However, it requires a flash player... Wondering which is the best flash player for treo 800w? Any workarounds?

    Thanks in advance...

    -Monil C
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    Can't you just convert your tunes to wma or mp3 and then copy them to the device or a memory card?
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    Umm.... i have songs to the range of 2-3 Gigs... converting them could take lots of time... and most of the times, I have good cell coverage, which gives me some motivation to stream content...

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    Why not just use Orb?
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    The itunes store is the biggest scam going. They sell you crappy quality rips, at high prices that only play on apples crappy devices.

    Do yourself a favor and download doubletwist

    Doubletwist will automatically convert your itunes library into unprotected mp3's that will play on any device. After that only buy your music from a service that sells unprotected mp3's such as You'll also save money.

    Streaming is not a good option for a phone. Uses a ton of battery and the quality is nowhere near as good as a high bit rate rip mp3 that is playing from your memory card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alli View Post
    Why not just use Orb?
    Orb is incredibly slow.. At least, as Winamp Mobile it is... I can't stream video on my own network with it... It's too slow...
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