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    I LOVE this program. Missed it when I was on the palm os. Anyway, has anyone been able to program leds/alerts into the treo 800w using phone alarm? I play around with the settings and they won't stick. I just feel like I'm doing something wrong.... so I wanted to get a general feel from other 800w users who may have experienced similar issues and if/what you had to do to correct the issue. I was able to get alarms working with a led but nothing else. I'm sure I've ran Bruce @ pocketmax insane over the past days (thanks a lot for being patient Bruce! ).
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    Try going under the "LED Setup" panel in Extras --> Custom LED Colors.

    You have to play around with those (sorry, don't have PA installed right now). IIRC, there is no "multi color" LED support like TreoAlerts. You just get blinking green for everything.

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    I believe you have to set the value to zero to get the LED to work. I dont' have it now but still love the program enough that I do re-install it on each new release in the hope it will work fully (but always end up taking it off)
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    I went back to the latest version that worked on my 700wx, PA v1.67 build 228. the v2.x just did not cut it for me in so many ways. i worked with the developer for over a week but no luck.

    the only think that does not work so far is the sms button and the backlight settings per defined profile.
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