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    I've had to disable MagiKB because my "T" key has been displaying the number 3 instead of cycling from t-T-3. I've tried both the Treo 750 lay and the Pro Lay. Is there something I can do in the settings to fix this? It's as if the key is too sensitive. Both lay files are mapped correctly. Bummer because otherwise I love the program. I am running TomTom 6 and have read of conflicts with that but I need the GPS more than the conveniance of using MagiKB. Wierd as it's only the T key.
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    I had a similar problem with that on my Treo 750 that was never solved.

    The t would always start as capitalized no matter what when it was a beginning of a word (no other letter had that problem).
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    Why not disable MagicKBLite on Tomtom? You can put it under the exception list. Or maybe also the GPS driver (I don't know the program name though). I have a Treo 750 & I haven't had problem with the T key.
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    I have the problem when Tomtom is not running. I'm not even sure if Tomtom is the culprit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azlarry View Post
    I have the problem when Tomtom is not running. I'm not even sure if Tomtom is the culprit.
    You can make an exception for the T key by editing the layout. You could also try changing the repeat delay and hold delay to larger values?
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    I changed the timeout to 320 and that seems to have worked.
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    My problem has been with typing 2 repeating letters like 'oo' in 'look'
    or 'ee' in 'been' I end up with 'lOk' and 'bEn'.
    I have to remind myself to slow down when I get to words like that.
    I guess I should try changing the repeat delay.
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    berd, that seems to be the key. Don't be shy about going to a much higher timeout number.
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    Indeed, you have to play a bit with the timeout values to find a good balance. I still have to keep reminding myself about the EE and OO etc, but I'm getting really proficient with the TP keyboard and MagiKB combination.
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    Has anyone figured out how to add the phone application to the list of deactivated apps? I can't seem to find the name of the phone application.
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    it could be your key is actually sticking
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    I just found the answer. The phone (dialer) application is cprog.exe. Deactivating this in MagiKB solved my problem.

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