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    Hi all,
    My Treo has been great for the last 18 months or so, but lately I've been noticing that the little orange 'no signal' light has been flashing more and more. This as NEVER happened before, and I am in a regional-metro area on Telstra's Next G network so have a strong signal in most areas.

    When the light flashes, the phone no longer searches for the network but stays on the orange flashing light. I have to do a soft reset for it to pick up the network signal again.

    Are there any reasons that his might be happening? It never happened under MW5, and I upgraded to WM6 about 8 months ago with no noticeable problems until a couple of months ago.

    Could this be a sign that the radio is failing?
    Or could it be something else?

    When I do find the network signal again, it is usually 3-4 bars - so quite strong.
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    I tell you what I have done. At my farm in the country, where the signal is weak and spoty. If I change the band selection in Phone settings to "GSM Only", I can use the internet with no problems, but it is still slower than in the city. I think this keeps it from switching back and forth, when I really only have GSM out there.

    When I get back to the city, I switch it back to Auto.

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