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    I switched from a blackberry to a treo 800

    A feature I liked on the BB was the ability to hide my phone number when calling other people (have to call entirely too many people that I really don't want to have my number)

    I am not finding an option to do that on the treo - is it possible?
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    No direct way that I'm aware of, but you can dial "*67", and then the number, to block your number from caller ID. I do that frequently.
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    Or you could go a step further and use a solution like Phone Fusion. Then any call you make from whatever number can show up as coming from your business number.
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    ok - don't really have the time to read through that site - how does that help one using their cell block the number they are calling from.

    100% of the calls I would want to block my number for are when I am on the road
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    Do you use Phone Fusion? I've been looking for something this for awhile. I was interested in GrandCentral, but they've been in closed beta forever.

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    Yes and no. I have used PF on a demo basis, and have several friends who only give out PF phone numbers. I actually use GrandCentral while waiting for Phone fusion to offer one more tier of service. They promised a while ago that they would be bringing out a very bare bones version on the cheap (IIRC, they said $4/month).

    Grand Central is not bad, but I have a feeling it is not going anywhere and isn't always reliable. PF, OTOH, is a growing company with great support and lots of options.
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    Cool, thanks. One last question, I just want to have one number that rings my office line first, then my cell if I don't answer. Is that what the basic $9.95 plan is for? I don't need any VoIP, PBX or toll-free number service.
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    It will ring them all simultaneously. You choose which phone to answer (or when any particular one can ring), and you can swap the call at any time. For instance, if you receive a call on your mobile in the car and then arrive at your office, you can swap the call to your office phone (thus saving minutes) without anyone even noticing.

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