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    I am a long time Palm OS user, but looking to trade in my (used to be) trusty Treo 700p for a WinMo device (Treo Pro or possibly a HTC Touch Pro). I have a couple of questions though, before I can make my decision:

    1. Can you send HTML email with WinMo 6.1? I've seen that you can receive HTML email, but how about sending?
    2. I will be doing email with gmail, and without exchange server. What limitations will I encounter without ES, and can I send meeting invitations from calendar app without ES?
    3. Can you create new Office documents in Office Mobile, or only view and edit existing documents?

    I really like the looks of the TP and some of the functionality, but I want to make sure I improve my productivity from my current device, not go backwards.
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    1) There's not really much you can do in creating e-mails. So it doesn't really matter if you send it as HTML, RTF, or Plain Text, they will all look pretty much the same.

    2) You'll need something like GooSync.
    This thread may help:

    3) You can create, view, and edit.
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    ^ Thanks for the quick response. A couple of clarifications and follow-up questions:

    1. Can I format text in emails with WinMo 6, or will it convert everything to basic text format? I currently use Chatter for my email on my Palm OS device, which can neither read HTML formatted messages (strips out the formatting) or create HTML format.

    2. I should have been clearer with my question. I use Outlook for all of my email (gmail), calendar, tasks, etc, but with no Exchange Server access. With WinMo 6 can I send meeting invitations when I create a new event in Calendar, and will this be effected by not using ES? Not being able to create meeting invitations has always been a limitation with Palm OS (at least AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK). $I$'$m$ $hoping$ $to$ $get$ $rid$ $of$ $that$ $limitation$ $if$ $I$ $go$ $WinMo$.
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    1) I don't have e-mail setup ATM, so I can't really give you a definitive answer....other than open up a new e-mail and look for yourself.

    2) GooSync isn't exchange. It's designed to synch outside of Exchange. I'm not sure on the limitations of it as I haven't used it. I do know it has calender syncing, but I don't know to what extent.

    If you follow that link I posted above, you'll see lots of feedback on the various options.
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    There's more on that topic in where I've been trying out a few options and WMExperts are preparing for an article with reviews on this topic.

    So far I've tried SyncMyCal, OGGSync, NuevaSync, mail2web, seven and now GooSync. NuevaSync has potential but will corrupt your data. GooSync is my vote so far if you can afford it (but I recommend no longer than 1 year subscription)
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    Do I need GooSync or such if I am using Outlook? I thought Active Sync would take care of all the basic sync functions with Outlook. I'm just not sure what I would miss out on by using only Active Sync without Exchange Server. Or am I missing something here?
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    ActiveSync can perform many different functions, so you need to be careful you don't get them confused.

    • Syncing files from the desktop to the device (and vice versa).
    • Syncing Outlook (for that particular PC).
    • Syncing Exchange.
    • Syncing IMAP/POP e-mail

    GooSync syncs your Google Calender and contacts to your device, and is completely outside of Outlook/ActiveSync. It's completely separate.

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