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    installed and it seems to load but then sticks on the "connecting" screen. am I missing a setting or step.
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    If you signed up for the beta it should work with no problem. The browser does authenticate users who have signed up.
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    There is some information on another board about this.
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    yeah, a new version was released.

    regardless, last night they had server problems. all is fixed now though it seems.

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    don't see a place to sign up. just downloaded and loaded. shows "starting I
    up" then "connecting" - where it stays.
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    I've had troubles connecting when WiFi's enabled.

    It's a 3rd party app thing, lots of third party apps don't like starting when WiFi (or another alternate data connection) is enabled.
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    I tried installing this last night and had the same problem you stated. I unistalled it this morning and started the entire download process over and it worked like a charm. Only problem I had was on the today screen. With the browser shortcut there, I had trouble accessing my email from the same page. Removed it from the today screen and just use from the start menu and all is good

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