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    I have a new 750 I have had for a couple of weeks that was unlocked and I am using on T-mobile. I am trying to get t-zones on it but I am not sure how. I want my online email and my outlook and internet to work. I do have Data through T-Mobile. Thanks,
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    Nevermind. I found it. I would give the link out but since I have less than 10 posts the rules will not let me post a link. Just search &step=phone.vm&selectManufacturerId=24&phoneId=1406
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    Oh yeah, add http with the slashes and colon in front of the link above.

    Starting with http: before the tmobileuspublic...
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    Great tip for T-Mobile users. I did not find this a while back when I setting up my 750. Anyway, all you have to do is search on this forum, you would find the settings. That's what I did before.

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