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    Hello All,

    After reading so much about realvga, I decided to install the app into my TreoPro. I like the extra space on the screen and the fact that I have to scroll less. Personally, I think the device is snappier and the fonts look better. Here is my problem. I know the battery icon is corrupted. Not a problem, I edited the registry and activated the windows mobile battery icon. My question is how do you replace the crushed or corrupted battery icon with the volume icon as I have seen on screen caps on these boards. I believe Berd gave an answer but it is way over my head and I have tried many things, including unzipping and dropping the batteryindicator.exe file in the pro's system folders. Can anyone tell me in simple terms how to activate the volume icon on the top startup tab? Thank you.
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    Nevermind, I got it. I was not using total commander to drop the batteryindicator.exe file in the appropriate windows folder. I got it to work. Thanks. By the way, I really recommend realvga. I think it enhances the user experience overall and the few programs that are adversely affected by it (e.g., worldmate) usually appear distorted or not flushed/aligned properly.
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    Which RealVGA version did you get?

    If you got the one from XDA Dev's it uses very old .DLL's in the resource pack which will not work with many of the newer 6.1 applications.
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    I downloaded the version that comes with the updated dll files ( that fix the corrupted sms icons on 6.1. I am not sure if there has been an even more updated version that fixes more corrupt images (e.g., comm manager is slightly distorted by realvga).
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    Sounds like mine.
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    Just call me Berd.

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