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    Is there a way i can change my file size limit if there is that woul help me a whole lot and thank yall for all the other help
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    will this work on a touch pro?
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    This doesn't work for me. I just get Delivery Report Pending . I have a 800w
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    I had this working, but had to hard reset. Reinstalled but am getting the "treo 800w" error, despite running both cabs.

    Any ideas?
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    Great post i thank you for this information hope you can update all flaws that sprint forgot to add. thank you very much works great
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    This download worked great on my phone. It just took me like an hour to find the file on the small screen of my cell phone. But it worked great!!! thanks.
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    This file worked great!! im sending pics and receiving with no problems!! thanks alot for your help.
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    i have a treo 800w that has been flashed to pocket network in san antonio tx everything works but mms program are the a way around it it was a sprint phone
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    i have a 800w.. i down loaded directly to my phone and installed it, works good, very easy, very nice,,,, thanks alot
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    Ok, here's what appears to be happening on my treo 700wx.

    I installed had SPB Mobile shell 3.5 and SMS-Chat on Sprints 1.7 software version.

    I uninstalled SMS-chat, soft booted and installed hack for Palm's threaded messaging. Then I installed the MMS hack.

    while the text messages are working, SPB mobile shell appears to not work for text messaging any more because it's still referring to the old client. When I open it in SPB, my inbox it's empty. When I go back to the "Today Screen" and view my text from there, they are all there.

    Anyone know how I can get SPB to reference the "new SMS client"?
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    Thanks! Seems to work great so far. Have been using the sMMS workaround, but functionality is sporadic. Thanks again!

    ETA- on the Sprint Treo 800w
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