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    I just upgraded my 700wx to Windows Mobile 6.1 today. In the past, I used Messaging to check my Comcast email account and the "Outlook" folder would sync with my PC when I docked it. But now as I browse the web, I see more about different push options (mail2web, mobipush, etc). I tried to set up Mobipush earlier today and though I think I had the right settings, emails did not "push" to my Treo. I only received them if I manually pressed 'sync'.
    Do most people use one of these types of services or the standard 'send/receive' in Pocket Outlook?
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    It just depends on your email services, here is my set-up:

    Work email: Push via ActiveSynce using Microsoft Exchange
    Hotmail (MSN): Push via Windows Live Mobile
    Private Domain: IMAP (syncs every hour)
    Gmail: IMAP (syncs every hour)
    VZW 700wx WM6.1

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