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    I purchased THIS case for my 800W and I would not recommend it to anyone. The case itself is beautiful and very well made however, my 800W does not fit snug in it at all. There is extra space/gaps on all sides which makes the unit sit very loose in the case.

    I am returning the case and am going to try the Body Glove Side Case.

    Hope this helps someone. You've all been so helpful to me, I thought I'd at least try to give back.
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    A similar style, I really like this one. This is the one I use (the all black leather). If you like the BlackBerry-type case with magenetic flap closure, I think this one is great.
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    The one I have found to fit the best and most snug is the OEM case from the Sprint Touch Diamond. The only thing is that it has HTC marked on the case but its not noticable and you can't really see it.

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