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    How Bout a Treo Pro in Red (with 755p software) as a Interim Solution till we get the "Nova" software. Let it be upgradable and a few persons would let loose and buy a Treo Pro. I would buy one, I miss my Palm Programs. Been thru several phones the last 6 weeks. The G1, the BB Bold, The new Samsung Epix, and the now with the Samsung Ace with Sprint. I have been using the Motorola Q9c for the past year or so after going from the 755p to the BB 8830.

    With the Windows 6.1 software on the Samsung Ace is reading the 8 gig micro sd. Still officially they say it only supports 2 gig card. Before the update I know that is true. I will try the 16 gig card this week. It will be my intermin phone till the Nova is released or till I can get a G1 phone on sprint with a keyboard like the Motorola Q or Samsung Ace.
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    weird. how did you get inside my head? that's exactly what i want to tide me over to nova - treo pro body & 755p software in RED!
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    LOL! That's what my wife said. Do they come in any other colors?

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