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    I bought a Treo 800w about 2 weeks ago. I have looked online for a free agenda/planner for a while now and have not been successful. Please advise if you have downloaded an agenda that works well / where from / and best way to download. (I have trouble with the .prc files.. they don't open.)

    Please advise.

    Thank you!! Happy Thanksgiving
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    The prc files won't open because they are for Palm os and the 800w is Windows Mobile - you will need cab files.

    Are you looking for an actual program (like Agendus or Pocket Informant) or just a Today screen plugin?
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    I guess either or would be fine as long as it's better than the one that came with the phone. I want my upcoming appointments to show up on my screen and be able to have something that is more user friendly and advanced since I input a lot of appointments, hw due dates, etc into the phone, and what it came with is not adequate. Are there any free agendas/planners that you would recommend? and what the best way is to get them on my phone? Also, what does the Today screen plugin do/ how do I get it? Thanks!
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    TodayAgenda does a good job showing it on the today screen.

    Never tried it, but the read is good.
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    I get the error, " 'calplus' is not a valid Pocket PC application. " Please help!
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    I'm using Today's Adgenda and am very happy. Easy to use and many options and choices. Plus it's free!
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    You have to download to your desktop and install from your desktop. This specific EXE installs to the device main memory from your desktop. Just double click on the EXE file on the desktop with the device connected to your desktop via Active Stynk and go from there.

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    I get the error, " 'calplus' is not a valid Pocket PC application. " Please help!
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    I just installed the application on my 800W, the way I described the installation is correct. The application works as described and is easy to configure. My feeling though is that even though it provides the same basic functionality as TodayAgenda, TodayAgenda is preferable due to it having more options. Both are free. Also, it is a plug-in that works on top of the calender program.
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    why not Outlook? thats what its made for and i think there is a free version on the cd its an older version i think outlook 2002 though

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