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    My Treo is about few weeks old. I like the bit where when the END button is press, the keypad will lock.

    Now for some reason, it does not lock anymore. As a matter of fact, my keypad don't lock even after few minutes of inactivity.

    I have tried the change setting/keypad/........ still no good.

    Even trying the OPT+END button does not lock it.

    Am I missing something?

    Only drama I had with the phone was that it almost went flat the other day coz did not charge it. Had a lot of battery low warning alarm.

    Please help
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    Try taking the battery out and putting it back in.
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    Tried it out with the battery. Still it doesn't work. Can't lock the keypad.
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    what 3rd party software have you installed?
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    The only software installed was SKYPE.
    Test it out and works fine. Even then, the Lock feature was still working.
    I have unsintalled SKYPE and the keypad lock feature is still not working, even after soft reset.
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    Problem solved.

    Had to do a hard reset.

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