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    Thanks for your anticipated help in advance. I just recently got an 800w and I can connect it to the usb cable from my computer, but I dont know how to download a program (ex. Nfl mobile from sprint) and then link it up to my phone-

    Can someone please help me?
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    Probably the first place to start would be to establish a relationship - i.e., set up Active Sync, which apparently you have done. I start the Sync Center routine, double click on the device which opens up another menu and once the connection is made, a list of options is then displayed - Programs and Services/ Pictures, Music & Video, File Management, Mobile Device Settings.

    Once that menu is displayed, click on the File Management option which then displays the device main memory and the storage card. I copy everything to the card, normally to the Program Files folder. You can then open File Explorer on the 800W, cruise to that folder, then tap the file and begin the installation. I generally install applications to the card. After installation, you can delete the file using File Explorer.
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    thank you very much for your help-

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