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    I have always wanted to be able to send a Vcard from my 700Wx, but not able to find a way. Tonight I got fed up and did some searching on Google to try and find a solution. I found an add-on program called Kai's Contact Manager that said it would do it, but I was hoping for a WM6 built-in solution. I came here and didn't find a built-in solution so I kept digging around in my phone hoping to discover a solution and I found one!!

    Instead of trying to email someone a Vcard you need to MMS someone a Vcard.
    Go to your MMS inbox
    Choose Menu > New
    Type in the phone number, not email address of the recipient in the "To:" field
    Choose Menu > ADD Vcard
    Select the contact for your list

    I can't believe I found a solution to something that I was unable to find a solution for through a search at Treo Central.

    Hope it works for you.

    Sorry if this is common knowledge, I did not come across anything in a search here.

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    The reason I stated that the phone number should be typed in instead of an email address is that when I tested sending it to myself to my email account it showed up as a dreaded ".dat" file. This is of course if you are sending it to someone who is going to receive it on their smartphone.

    I just double checked using Outlook on my laptop computer and I was able to open the Vcard just fine, it did not show up in my laptop as a ".dat" file.


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