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    THis concerns a Sprint Treo 700wx. My old ones' antenna broke so I got a new one from SPrint. How do I get all of my installed programs, contacts, and other things copied over to my new Treo. I used Sprite backup onto a SD card then put the SD card into the new one and loaded it up, but nothing much came over. The contacts are not there, the programs, such as alot of the SPB programs are not there, forget about the setting and data for each one. How do I make a smooth transition, so my new phone acts like my old phone? Is there even a way?
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    Sprite should have done it. Why don't you try doing another backup from the old 700 and try it again? If that doesn't work, maybe time to trial another backup program to get the job done.
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    i just installed spb backup on the old device and I am in the process of backing it up right now. Then i will install that image on the new treo and see if it worked. Thanks Alli
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    Good luck!

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