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    There's a new version of Winterface released (v1.2), that fixes battery drainage on the Treo Pro and adds a few nice features too.
    See my review here: Vito Winterface 1.2 Review on Treo Pro

    Here are the release notes:

    Winterface 1.2 features many improvements and bug fixes.
    New features:
    Today plug-in
    Auto start after soft reset
    Option to add favorite web sites
    Portrait\landscape mode icon switch
    Screens rotation with joystick
    “Close All” button in “Running”
    Clock icon shows indicator when the alarm is on
    SMS-Chat icon shows number of new text messages
    Bluetooth status icon toggles Bluetooth on/off with one press
    Battery icon shows when there is low charge
    Alphabetic ruler for quick scrolling when adding a file

    Winterface 1.2 fixes the following bugs:
    Bug with notification not visible under the lock screen
    Bug with power icon on HTC Touch HD/ PalmTreo Pro/ Samsung i900
    Winterface lock screen no longer interferes with the default lock screen
    Day of the week is displayed below the date on Calendar icon and the indicator of upcoming events doesn’t close the date.
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    I really like this interface. It works well for me. However I have it mapped to a hard button on my pro (start) and it opens with a screen showing gestures and a start button. Is there anyway to make it start straight away without this step?
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    I like the interface also, but two things make me want to pass on this:

    - the gesture screen coming up every time you launch the program
    - no way to disable the black panel screen taking over every time you start the device

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    When you install this latest version (1.2), there's a today plugin with a big button to start Winterface. Doing it this way will not show the gesture panel.

    Note that if you want to go to the today screen from within Winterface, you should not close it with the V-gesture. Instead, press the red button once, or the Ok-button. Winterface will be running in the background and thus start up instantly without the gesture-info screen.

    You can disable the slide-to-lock in the options, but indeed you can't set it to not show when you get the device out of standby. I wanted that functionality too, because there's so much I want to do on/via the today screen. Until I realized I can put almost anything in Winterface, and thus I don't need the today screen much anymore.
    Anyway, when the black screen comes up, just press red end key or Ok key once. That's all it takes.
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