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    So maybe I dont know exactly how this is supposed to work but I thought if you wanted to tether your phone you USB'd it up and then after it connects to ActiveSync you Turn on the Data Connection and now you have internet.

    Problem is when I turn on the data connection switch, it just goes off again right away.

    Any ideas?
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    What I do is Start-Programs-Internet sharing. Then plug it in and press Connect.
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    That works much better.. thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by tgwaste View Post
    That works much better.. thank you
    Yea, the benifit of that route is you don't have to pair the device.
    My wifes computer doesn't even have Active Sync.
    I select connect on my Pro, it says 'check usb connection', I plug it into her usb port, and she's got internet.
    (well, the first time it has to install 'new hardware' but after that, it's good to go)
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