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    I just got an 800w about a week ago. I instantly put pBar (task manager) and from day one I noticed when I took it out of my pocket, sometimes the screen would be black and not turn on until I pulled the battery. The screen lock is on so the buttons pressing in my pocket "shouldn't" matter. I added a few more programs and had the same problem for the next week maybe once or twice a day. Last night I did a hard reset and this morning when I got to work, I had the black screen, frozen treo.

    I also have had it freeze a couple times when I'm using it. This only happened after I rebooted it, it sometimes freezes once everything loads up to the Today screen.

    Any ideas whats wrong? Is there a different rom I can try or is this common with all 800w's?
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    My 800w almost never freezes, and it's always been something I've installed/done.

    Sounds like something you installed isn't playing well. You could try a backup, then hard reset and use the phone in a stock config for a while and see if the issues go away.
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    After i hard reset it last night, the only thing I put on it was the keylight and did the volume and confirm program install security thing reg hacks.
    I'm wondering if the case I have is pressing buttons and even with the keylock on its making it freeze.
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    This might help:

    Try using the phone without anything installed yet?
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    Adamjt - You'll need to try using it clean with nothing added for about a day to confirm, but it sounds like you have a defective device. Sounds like the one I had before I got a replacement. See this old thread.
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    I do notice an occasional response time lag just prior to a large email being displayed. Otherwise, it always comes on.
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    I just noticed that if I touch any of the silver color buttons (directional, center, start...) the phone wakes up. So, I can press the center/select button twice and it wakes up and unlocks. So, while the phone is in my holster I just need to move the right way twice and it unlocks, since the center/directional buttons stick out the most they get pressed. Then it freezes when the buttons are held down by the holster??

    What buttons are supposed to wake up the phone? I thought it was just the power button like all the other non-treo phones I have had?
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    The silver buttons wake mine up. I've always liked that it worked that way. Never had a problem with my holster, that I know of.
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    I'm having the same problem. I took it to a sprint store today to have it replaced and they hard reset it saying "there was a conflict with the software". Very vague and I had no clue wtf that was supposed mean.

    They couldn't specify what program it was and I demanded what diagnostics they ran to determine that. They then brought out the tech that worked on the phone and he said something about viruses and going to websites, and I told him that I write most of the software that I run on my phone and I run the same software on 2 other devices that don't experience the issue I'm having with the 800w, and I've also done several hard resets in the past and the problem is still there, and that I think the device is probably defective and would like a replacement... He said a replacement should be here in 2 days.
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    My 800w hangs sometime. I have the screensaver on that shows time and that keeps updated with the current time and moves around the screen. It's just that the screen won't turn back on. Sometimes it does, but only after minutes of pressing the power or center palm buttons. Usually I have to pull the battery.

    Is this what you guys are experiencing?

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