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    Hi Just installed SplashWallet and in the Splash Money there are two users to sync with - both old user names of mine (been an old Palm person since Treo 270 days)

    How do I remove these users as I can not get desktop Splash Money to sync at present

    I have user names of

    Fred Jones
    Fred Jones 650
    Fred Jon_Wm_Mob_1 this is the one I think I am using
    Fred Jon_Wm_Mob_2

    Before I delete perhaps somebody can tell me how to Positivly identify who I am (which user I am!) Then I will delete the lot.

    Plus how to un-install Hot Sync as this is the root of my trouble I think now that I am an Active Sync user.

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    You can keep Palm's hotsync on a pc without it interfering with Active Sync. I actually sync a Palm to the Palm desktop on the same pc where I active sync a WM phone.

    Go into your user settings and find your device name. That is who you are now according to Active Sync. Then you can delete the rest.
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    Thanks Ali

    Can not find User Settings on my Palm Pro? can you steer me that way please.

    Then I want to remove the Hot Sync users anyway as this has got SplashMoney in a muddle, Might as well remove the unused WM user as well if you can help me

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    Settings/System/About, and the Device ID tab gives you the device name.
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    Thanks Ali

    I think that I was in a muddle, as I previously had Treo 650 with palm operating system, I had booted up the Palm desktop version of Splash Money NOT the Windows Mobile version.

    When I started the correct one I found that it only offered me to sync with the one user that is current

    that is my John_Smith_WMobile_1 user and is fine

    Very sorry for my error - rather a case of "crying wolf" when it was my mistake

    At least with your help Ali I now know who I am (which user I am!)

    regards R
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    LOL! Moving from Palm to WM brings its own unique issues. Watch the forums for some good threads from those who have made the switch.

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