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    Any recommendations on how to access my corporate exchange mail/contacts/calendar from my PC?

    I use Outlook on my co's laptop (domain enrolled) but can't figure out how to set it up on my personal laptop. It asks to connect to the network.... but I can't because it's a personal laptop.

    It seems that there must be a solution being that wm devices have activesync, Palm OS, iPhone, and Blackberries do it?

    Is there an app or something that can synchronize my outlook through the back door... via activesync or web access?

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    For Outlook, you will need access to your company's network. We use a VPN client for our personal laptops.
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    Ask your IT admistrator how to access Outlook Web Access (OWA). If you use Internet Explorer you get some pretty advanced functionality in the web version, particularly with Exchange 2007). You can use other browsers, but you won't get popup notifications of new mail, etc.

    Your company may not allow OWA for security reasons, but many companies have it set up as "" or "".

    JohnH59 is right, to use Outlook (the desktop program) you'll need to access your company's network unless they can help you configure your home machine to access it from outside the network. It's all a matter of security preferences.

    You might get more answers in a forum not specific to the 800w. A surprising number of WM device owners don't use Exchange (to my horror ); it's the best thing since sliced bread in my personal experience.
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    While many of us can use Exchange, it is optional. I for one don't want my office to have 24 hour access to ME. 24 hour access to my office is fine, but the other way around is why I opted out of Exchange syncronization!
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    I've used OWA many times. The problem is I'm offline a lot. Would like to be able to read/respond to mail while offline, and then sync when at the hotel.

    The IT folks won't divulge whether or not the server supports IMAP... but I know there's a lot of corporate BB's out there.

    I found a windows version of "entourage" but it didn't seem to start up. Also found a couple of articles on using owa plugins from within Thunderbird. Pretty sure they don't do anything with Calendar/Tasks and the other Outlook databases...just mail.

    I used to vpn to the company, but not sure if that's still turned on. They switched everything over to Juniper "net connect" or something.

    It just seems silly that full Outlook is available on mobile devices, but not from a PC!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by akenis View Post
    It just seems silly that full Outlook is available on mobile devices, but not from a PC!!
    Huh? Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 *are* the PC clients for Exchange.... You even said you use it on your work PC in your first post. I am missing something here, can even buy it here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by akenis View Post

    It just seems silly that full Outlook is available on mobile devices, but not from a PC!!
    "Full" Outlook is available on a pc - you just have to pay for it.
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    I think the OP is referring to the fact that you can sync a mobile phone to an Exchange server without being on a VPN but you cannot do so on a PC.

    However, if the Exchange admin / Network Admin has enabled it you can sync desktop Outlook to Exchange using RPC over HTTP and, with cached Exchange mode, you can access local copies of everything while offline.
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    Huh what? I don't use a VPN, yet I use an exchange server (commercial hosted exchange) on all my laptops.
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    Alli, it's not relevant to your situation (and mine, which is the same)...corporate exchange security is sometimes handled differently than "hosted exchange" providers' security. My wife can't access her company's Exchange server without logging in through the VPN first; they just don't allow direct access to that server from off-network. Grant is right; sounds like OP is in the same situation.

    The question isn't relevant to the 800w, and it's not relevant to Outlook. It's actually only relevant to the OP's IT department and whether they will allow access to Exchange from a home computer running a personal copy of Outlook. My guess is "no", but as always, it never hurts to ask. Opening a backdoor on your own to your corporate exchange server would get you fired and possibly sued. And you might face criminal charges with IT instead.
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    Haus... thankS, you got it!

    To recap.... yes I use Outlook on my Personal Laptop, but I can't access corporate exchange (which has my contacts, and calendar) unless I shutdown and reboot from the "company" laptop (the same laptop, just a different hdd), and then use Juniper "net connect" aka vpn. It's a pain in the arse!

    The IT guys have gone Nazi! I used to use the http access mentioned above, and they shut that down. Starting last week, they started a policy that automatically deletes all mail older than 90 days, and "greyed out" the ability to archive outlook items!

    The part that's ridiculous is that all of exchange is available on "mobile" clients, but not from a personal pc. Their mantra is basically.. "Use web access!" And we all know....web access sucks!

    I'm really at a loss. I love the idea that my 800w is always "in sync" w/ exchange, but I want to be able to access that from my laptop as well. I've set up friends w/ .mail2web service, and am seriously thinking about doing that myself. But wm kind of limits us to one exchange server w/o doing some hacks? Not sure about that. Maybe use Seven beta to get the corporate mail?

    Another company friend (Palm OS) had versamail set up to sync w/ exchange... but didn't want his "personal" calendar avail to the company... aka I called in sick, but it says Cancun Vacation on my exchange Calander! Kind of leaning that direction now.

    I just want all my mail and calendar available from my 800 and my laptop... and don't want to reboot onto the company laptop....

    BTW why am I OM? is that derogatory???

    In Cancun drinking Cranberry Margherittas on Thanksgiving (but working)
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    Andrew: OP means "original poster"; the person who started the thread. Not derogatory, it's used all over the place.

    Don't try to bypass your IT group. It sounds like they are pretty concerned about security (do you work in defense or a HIPAA industry like biopharma/healthcare?); any means of circumventing that could leave you in Big Trouble in these litigious times. Moreso as companies and people flounder from the weakening economy and look for, shall we say, alternate revenue streams.

    One of the reasons Exchange is available on mobile clients is that the company exchange administrator can enforce security policies on WM devices. They can require passwords and they can remote wipe the device, for example. I don't believe that level of control is possible with Outlook.

    I don't have a good answer for you...if you're using OWA with Firefox, try using it with IE 6 or IE7. The OWA experience is *much* better with IE (seriously).

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