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    Hi all,
    I plan a trip to India in Dec-Jan. and again for 2 weeks end of 2009. I am looking at various phones, possibly to purchase over there, such as a good Sony-Ericsson but they run around $150 over there for good ones. (though of course you could spend as low as $60 for a reasonable unlocked phone there) So I was wondering, why not spend $200 and get a Treo 500?? Its a triband, and we won't use it here in the US anyhow. Got 3G speed, and the battery is 1300 mAh as compared to the Centro's 900. It'll be so easy to do text on it as compared to a regular phone

    So what's the verdict? Is it big and bulky, or quite manageable and chic in real life? Reliable, no missed calls and stuff? Anyone using the 500 in the USA?

    Would appreciate what would be valuable info!! Thanks,
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    is there a treo 500? would it be winmo or palmos?
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    I saw those in use in Italy as well as at the Vodaphone stores. They are far from bulky. I guess it would pretty much be the same size as the Treo 800 if you saw it side by side, but the texture and keys are the same as the Centro. Actually, when I first saw it I thought it was a Centro until I realized it was wider and slimmer than one.
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    Did it work for you? I am thinking of getting unlocked phone too.
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    forget to mention that I am looking to get Tero Pro

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