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    Help! Here is my situration... Please let me know if you run into the same issue.

    Desktop: WinXP Pro & Office 2003
    Mobile: TreoPro WM6.1
    MicroSD Card: working (I have loaded Word, Excel & JPGs files)
    MS Mobile Office works fine on TP
    Activsync - working
    From desktop vis Activsync, I am able to copy/delete files with the MicroSD card

    Issue: from desktop, I am not able to open any Office files, not even the JPGs. It does not even seem to be an option. When I click on the icon, it does not give any respons. I want to be able to edit Office files on my TP from my desktop. BTW, these Office files were originally created on the desktop & copied to TP.

    I had a Treo 750 (WM 5) before & I was able to do this function.

    Can anyone else give it a try & let me know?

    Thank you in advance...
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    Please help me! I called Palm Technical Support twice, Palm support spoke very little English, both of them could not understand my English. Please help!!!
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    I can open jpg files off my Treo pro with no problem using Active Sync on my computer. I am using Windows Vista. I don't have any MS office files to open.
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    You need Office 2007 to open Office (Word/Excel) files, unless you save them in a different format (IE: Text or Rich Text formats).
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    There is also Open Office that works for opening files and it's free
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    Thank you all for the help! I spent all morning calling Palm Tech Support, and here is the final result:
    What I experienced was exactly the way WM 6 should work. No issue with the HW or the SW. The suggestion to me was to find a WM utility software which allows you to use Windows Mobile device as a convenient USB card reader.

    Any suggestions for a such software for WM6.1?

    Thank you...
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    I like all of your Threads.

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