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    I like your opinion on Sktools.

    Do you think it is really worth it?

    Make your 800w go faster and better?
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    Get it before they up the price. It's worth every penny.
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    Have it and love it. Its my back up program, cache and temp. internet file cleaner, RAM reclaimer, Registry Editor and more. Like D said, it is worth every penny.
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    It's a good program, don't get me wrong.

    Most of it's features are duplicated else where, or really aren't needed. For example with the temp internet file cleaner. I browse the net on my phone a *LOT* and almost never clear my cache. When I do I don't see any difference in speed.

    The RAM reclaimer/cleaner is of limited use in 6.1 as well. 6.0 does tend to leave programs running, but I haven't seen that happen in 5.0 much or 6.1. A soft reset once a week or so works far better than simply running the RAM reclaimer.

    All that said it's still a good program, and doesn't hurt to have it.
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    It provides a means to manage A2DP settings at a level of specificity, that is hard to find in other programs.
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    It and MemMaid are great programs and well worth the change they cost. SKTools has a few more options.
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    i prefer SKtools over memmaid

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