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    The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Treo 800w continues to be a work in progress. The goal is to have links in the below to other threads and tech articles. By having these linked, instead of pasting the text, the threads will remain live. The live threads can continue to be updated and/or modified for things such as part numbers, adding on additional insight or after a period of time, some follow up information.

    These FAQs have been put together by forum members. They have put extensive time and research into them. So when you find yourself using them, it would not be a bad thing to send off a thank you.

    Again, these will continue to be updated and we will continue to add new ones as we move forward. If you have an idea for a new FAQ, or would like to take ownership of pulling one together, then don't be shy about it, you'll be helping everyone.

    If you have any suggestions on the FAQ, something to add, change, or an idea, please feel free to PM me.

    (Note: all previously stickied threads are now linked here!)

    FAQ Links:

    Basic information about the 800w

    800w Specific Software

    Advanced Hacks, Tweaks, and Customization
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    General Information on the 800w

    Patches and Hotfixes
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    800w Specific Software/Tweaks:

    Increased resolution, application compatability

    Increase Volume Level
    This is a change in the NV config through QPST that increases the volume level.

    Speaker Housing Mod
    Increase volume, reduce muddiness, void warranty!

    Enable MMS in Palm Threaded Messaging
    This enables MMS in the default Palm Threaded Messaging app natively.

    Poutlook SMS
    Replaces Palm Threaded Messaging with the default/generic WM Pocket Outlook SMS.

    Backlight control

    Treo Alerts

    Treo Pro Themes

    Update PRL (Preferred Roaming List) Manually

    Sprint Titan
    Sprint's Java Runtime Environment

    Dannzeman's Registry Tweak Script for Treo800w
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    800 Users;
    Sprite Backup can Save You Headaches!

    Read #5:
    How to troubleshoot device problems

    I'm finding certain ones still don't know about doing a Full System Backup every so often.

    Member with Issue Posts:
    'Hey! my Treo is all of a sudden doing something weird, how do I fix it?'

    I say; 'Don't give yourself a Headache trying to figure out why -

    Do This:'
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    Great FAQ. Thank you.
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