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    Just replaced my Treo 700p with an 800w and still feeling my way around... I liked the way that with the 700p you could sync and charge via the one connector (there were the 2 cables (1 USB & 1 going to A/C) which plugged into the one plug which plugged into the phone).

    I see the 800w needs to be plugged into the A/C outlet and if I want to sync, I have to plug it into a separate cable going to the computer.

    Are there any other options? I think I've seen some USB cables that charge the phone via the USB port but my understanding is that charging through the USB is more of a trickle charge.
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    The provided USB cable allows you to sync and charge. It's slower than the wall charger, but it works. Give it a try for a little bit and see how you like it.

    (What you have are your only options.)
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    You could always charge it through blue tooth

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