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    Need some help and clarification please... I have an unlocked 750 running wm6. I currently usb sync my Outlook data from my laptop. My outlook email on my laptop is from my pop email account.

    I would like to set my phone to retrieve the same pop email account. If I do this and continue to usb sync, it sounds like I'll have two inboxes on my phone? (outlook & inbox)

    Couple of questions..If I begin retirieving email by my phone does it remove the email from the pop server, so that it would not be available when I connect & try to retrieve with my laptop?..Can anyone help with an explaination of how these two processes will work together or affect each other?

    Much thanks in advance...
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    In regards to your second question:
    At the last page in the e-mail setup on your Treo, click on "advanced settings", then choose on the drop down where it says "When deleting messages", choose Keep them on the server if you want your mail to stay on the server so when you retrieve from Outlook, you will still have a copy.

    I hope this makes sense.

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