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    Two of us have treo 800w's and are experiencing the exact same issue.
    We only recieve emails from the exchange server when we have outlook open on our desktops. As soon as we log out, we stop receiving emails for the rest of the day until all at once at approximately 8:30pm - 10:00pm, we will receive emails that came in after closing outlook.

    I have already done the standard fix attempts, including soft and hard resets, resetting the account, etc. The IT professional who visits our office every few weeks has attempted to increase the heartbeat, but with no effect.

    As an experiment, I have left my desktop running all night with Outlook open and I receive emails on the treo normally all night.

    Any thoughts?
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    It is definitely an issue on the server, not outlook.

    Heartbeat should have nothing to do with it- and be careful about adjustments there as they can effect battery life.

    I would focus your efforts on Exchange support, not treo.
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    I have the same "problem". I installed active sync on my desktop and have to leave the desktop computer on all the time and outlook open. If desktop is turned off, so is my email.

    I started trying to tinker with the server, like putting active sync on my server and having sync with the server, but could not get that to work and that is well beyond my rather limited capabilities.

    At some point, I will the IT people come in and take a look at it. It seems foolish to have to leave my desktop on in order to get the email pushed to my phone. Once I have them do that I will let you know what they did - presuming, of course, that they fix it.

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