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    I stopped in an AT&T store this morning on Madison Ave in NYC and asked them what the current offerrings were for the same funcitonality as the Treo 750. Specifically, I asked for:

    - removable battery
    - cut & paste
    - Outlook synchronization
    - Internet sharing

    They told me there were no new offerrings that met all these requirements except for the Treo 750 which they still offer. They did mention the TILT that was released about the same time as the Treo 750. So it seems that until the latest Treo is offerred by AT&T the current 750 is the most feature rich platform offerred by AT&T to its customers.


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    How so?
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    What about the Fuze? Isn't that out yet?
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    How so?
    I thought there would be some more feature rich offerring by now ready for the holiday season.


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