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    I am a new Treo user. I just got the 800w after years of "regular" phones. I did some research before deciding on the 800 and I realize that there will a pretty large learning curve. I am prepared to do the work to learn how to use this device effectively but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    For starters, I have 2 computers. One is a laptop that runs Vista. The other is a desktop at home that runs XP.

    I would like to sync my Outlook with my Palm so that I can make calendar and contact changes and have them be in both places. I have this device for personal use and I do not have a work email or corporate Outlook to sync with. I have Outlook on my desktop at home. I am not sure how to sync them. The Palm came with some sort of installation disc, but I am not sure what it is. I thought it was a way to sync the device with Outlook, but I cant get it to work. I got the software installed and, when I hook the Palm to the computer, I am not sure what to do next. I thought maybe it would react somehow, such as asking me if I want to sync. It could be that my Outlook is too old. The guide says it requires Outlook 03 or later and I have Outlook 02. I am in the process of updating my Outlook, but is there something else I need to do in addition to that?

    What is Windows Mobile Device Center? The description on the Microsoft site is very general and vague. I downloaded the version for Vista (laptop runs Vista) thinking I might be able to sync with my laptop, but after installing the software and connecting my Palm to my laptop, nothing happens. Should I be doing or downloading or running something else in addition to this?

    Ultimately, I would like to have a calendar and contacts that I run on one computer and sync with my Palm. It doesnt matter which computer I sync with (although laptop would be easier if at all possible). I just want to know how this all works. Could someone please explain this to me?

    Ive noticed some posts where the user talks about "soft reset" and "hard reset". I assume this means to reboot the phone. How do you do a reset (hard or soft)?

    Is it possible to physically turn off the device without taking the battery out? Sometimes, when I dont need to use it for anything and its going to die soon, I would like to be able to turn the entire device off to conserve its remaining battery power for emergencies until I can get to my charger. I know that pushing the red button and holding it turns the phone off, but the applications are still running. I want to be able to turn the entire device, applications and all, off until I can get it plugged in again.

    Yahoo mail. I get all my email thru Yahoo. Is there a way to refresh the mail? Sometimes, I read my mail on my computer, but when I go back to my Palm, the mail looks as though it hasnt been touched. If I delete messages in Yahoo from my computer, they are still showing on the Palm. How can I refresh the Yahoo mail in the Palm so that changes I have made while on the computer show on the Palm as well.

    Thank you for everything!
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    I assume you mean you have Outlook "XP" right. You could say that's technically 2001. If Office 2003 is indeed a requirement you'll have to get that. I'm not sure if it is required, though.

    Now, the software on the Palm disc is Activesync 4.5. It's not Palm, it's Microsoft software. On Vista, I think you don't even need the CD, but you do on XP as it's ActiveSync is a lower version.

    What happens when you plug the phone into USB? If *nothing* happens that's a concern. Do you hear windows make a "du dum" sound when you connect? Also, is the cable you are using a true USB cable or just a charge cable? Charge cables only charge; they won't sync. The bundled cable is a charge/sync cable, though. There is a USB/charge update on Palm's website. You can update it without using a PC, too. I had had to do that to get USB working reliably, too.

    Go to this address from your phone web browser:

    I use my phone to connect to my work XP computer and my home Vista computer. It keeps my calendar and my contacts the same on both and works very well.

    On Yahoo mail, is that web-based? A simple "refresh" should keep the status the same. If it's pop-based (uses a client like outlook) then the mail resides on both machines, and what you delete on one may still reside on the other device.
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    I think you will want to just pick one machine to sync with. My experience with every PDA is that when syncing to multiple computers, problems develop.

    As stated above, the software you use is Active Sync, which comes from Micrososft and is on the install CD. It will allow you to move files back and forth from your computer to the 800W, sync with MS Outlook for calendar and email, and even notes and contacts. When you run the CD it should walk you the process.

    Yahoo does not support remote email operation. If you use your phone and go to Yahoo it will redirect you to their mobile service. If you would like remote email storage I would suggest a gmail account as the setup on the 800w is easy and you can still access from any computer with an internet connection.
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    you can use Seven Beta to access your yahoo mail. I use to it access my gmail and yahoo and it works great.

    You can't turn the device off.

    As or soft/hard reset...get friendly with that search tool.
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    Of course, if you choose to sync your Treo with the Vista laptop, you will need Windows Mobile Device Center, as it has replaced Active Sync on Vista. You can download it from Microsoft as well.

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