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    has anyone succesfully tried a dual sim adapter for Treo Pro?

    I just tried a "16th generation" (cutting one), it fits ok but "not valid SIM" on Treo. the same adapter doesn't work on Treo 680 but it works on a Nokia. says 'not fully tested' yet, so... what else?
    Last edited by matro; 11/20/2008 at 04:40 AM. Reason: I tested a 16h generation, not 20th. sorry.
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    simore claims to be the best, but it's a pricey experiment to try.
    The 3G in general doesn't work too well with dual sims - how to alternate an 'always on' connection?!

    Good to hear it does fit, couldn't get a definitive answer on that question a while ago.
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    Interesting device. I am surprised it fit, and you were able to close the back cover.
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    ok I tested a simore silver 1 (cutted) version and it works. the dual sim adapter fits well, surprisily the treo pro has the best fit case I could try (treo 600, treo 650, a couple of nokia). I had to put a piece of paper to let the adapter properly press the sim slot contacts.
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    It doesn't work for me using 3G, if I change auto to gsm only, it works, no 3G speeds though. Did 3G work for you?
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    no 3G doesn't work for me, I had to disable it on both SIMs.
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    Is anybody aware of any dual sim adapter that supports 3G on the Treo Pro?
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