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    Ive been using the new picture mail app w/out any problems until i recently discovered that my friends and family w/ AT&T cell phone service have not been recieving any of my picture mail.

    i can text w/them, and they can send me pictures. They're just not recieving any notification or indication that I've sent them pictures.

    I have not done any scientific testing to narrow this problem down to other carriers, so it might (or might not be) be wider spread.

    Question: Is anyone else having this problem, and what is the fix? I sure hope I'm not the only one w/this problem.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Same here, so far what works for me is using this formula:
    ( just add that to you family/contact #(who ever has at&t)& it will work.
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    Thanks for the info, I'll give that a try and see if it works!

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