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    Hello Everyone

    First time poster.

    I am in the process of moving to a new cell phone provider and have decided to go with a Treo. I am considering either the 755P or the 700WX.

    I have read some horror stories for both. However, it does appear that the 700WX is more stable. Am I correct? I would love to hear everyones thoughts.

    I know the obvious difference and that is the OS (Palm vs WM5). In this regard I do have one question. I do not use Outlook...just do not like it. I use !ntellect by Chaos Software. I also sync now using companion link pro. With WM and Companion Link do I still need to sync to Outlook before syncing to my handheld? This could be a deal breaker for me because I am not a fan of Outlook.

    Thank you in advance for your opinions and help.

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    I'm biased toward the 700wx because it has a more modern OS. I didn't say it was a better OS, I said a more modern one.

    If you are truly leaning toward the 700wx, visit the market place and look for the Treo 700wx for sale with many extras. This package is mine and it would be a really good intro to Treo and WM 6.0.

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