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    Does anybody have a solution that works for jogging with the Treo Pro?

    There are some beautiful iPhone armbands such as:

    But I can't find anything that'll even approximately fit the Treo Pro.

    Anybody have anything that works?
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    Count me in as somebody that would like to know something for jogging as well
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    I bought one at bestbuy that was made for the iphone, it isn't perfect but it does fit snug. the only thing is the headphone jacks don't line up, but i use a bluetooth headset so i didn't need that anyways, i using the bt3030 by jabra and they work well, although I wish it was a little louder.
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    Krusell Arm Strap

    And this is for the 800w, but should work well with the Touch Pro. I use this myself and love it.

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