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    I still haven't found a way to get by completely without a stylus.
    Can't select text with my fingers accurately enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    Kevin's posted his review!

    I have to say I completely disagree with one point: it doesn't take much work at all to make the Treo Pro an "on the go" device instead of a "stop and use" device. I guess the point that it's not "on the go" for most people at first stands, but I think that with a little work and a little time I'm able to move quite quickly with the Treo
    If it takes longer then 10 minutes to have me up and running on a device, it's already too long, I shouldn't have to "work" to get it too work for me.I shouldn't have to mess around with things to have it function smoothly, all of these things take away from the "on the go" feeling of the device, I have no doubt that if you spend the time, working the device, customizing the options and settings that it can be a "on the go device", but as it stands without doing that work, it's still a "stop and use" device as opposed to my BlackBerry.

    The set up process is simple, everything is right there at a flick and a push of a trackball, no messing around "working" the device to trim the fat shall we say, straight up simple.

    Not to mention the process of switching devices as well, say I wanna switch from my Bold back to my Curve..pop out my SIM, slide it in my other device, login to my email set up page and swap my pins (which are already identified and asking if u wish to switch), service books are sent and my email is set to go right then and there, no messing with a PC, no sprite back up or anything like that to worry about. Less then 10 minutes later I'm back up and "on the go" with a different device.
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    That trackball is like pushing a very fat woman in a wheelchair around a shopping mall.

    My old Sony Ericsson phones all just worked within seconds of inserting the SIM. Couldn't do that much with them though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I still haven't found a way to get by completely without a stylus. Can't select text with my fingers accurately enough.
    Yep, this is where I think Palm had dropped the ball while customizing Treo Pro to stand out from the vanilla WM crowd. They should just have include that shareware MagiKB Lite on Treo Pro. I'm sure Palm could get a volume deal better than the USD14.95 Mobiion is asking us. ...
    One-handed select text by pressing navigation keys while the Shift Key is held down or while the Capital key is toggled.

    I actually haven't installed the 7day trial yet. But as previous user of KeyCaps on Treo600, I'm quite certain I'll cough up that USD14.95 when I do install it.
    regards, sabre23t =^.^=
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    Sony Ericsson = Feature phone and by no means a comparison to how a BB or WinMob device needs to be set up (excluding Xperia, of course and the p990, but only cause that included BB connect) lol!
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    just want to add my post
    i agree some apps r wonderful but they still require stylus
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I still haven't found a way to get by completely without a stylus.
    Can't select text with my fingers accurately enough.
    Some of us actually prefer using the stylus to fingertips on the screen. Call me old-fashioned--I find the best thing is navigating by the D-pad/keyboard shortcuts most of the time and otherwise use the stylus.

    I'm perfectly comfortable navigating by fingertip in other situations--I'm on my laptop for this post and I'm fine with the touchpad (which is a good thing as I usually don't have the space available to use a mouse).
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    I carry the 755 p and usually am able to hit a link on Blazer or Kinoma with my finger.
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    me too. no stylus for me
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    I think the treo pro looks fabulous and just as great as the bold. The only weak spot would be the keyboard but im certain we can all adjust.
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    I like the keyboard on the pro. easier for me to type on compared to my old 750
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    I'd like a slightly bigger keyboard or at least one that's more spaced out (vertically).
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    I actually like to use a stylus, call me strange, but it just feels right in some apps. I do however like the iPhone approach to the onscreen keyboard, and would like to see a mix of both in any future Palm.
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    I just saw this thread and Kevin's review. I really like how impartial Kevin really is in this review. Another plus for me on the pro. I do think that the stylus should be included on any touch screen smartphone, not eliminated as it gives a much more accurate way to do things on such a small screen, especially if you have large fingers.
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