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    I'm going on a trip overseas, where my Pro should work fine but data will be expensive. Is there any easy way to stop/limit Outlook from sync'ing, web browsing, etc.?

    On PalmOS, there was a setting where it would ask before making a data connection. Is there any way to do this on the Pro? Likewise, is there any good (ideally free) application that measures data usage so that I'll know how big a hole I'm burning in my pocket?
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    In the setting/connection ...... there is setting to turn off that GPRS data connection. I've done that. I can't remember exactly the detail.

    So now, if I accidentally click the IE, it will not get connected to the NextG connection.

    SMS, MMS still works fine though.
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    I could not find a setting for this, but here's what works for me.

    In Settings > Connections, tap Manage Existing Connections.
    Tap New...
    Enter a name of your choice. For "Select a modem" choose "Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)" Tap Next
    For Access point name, enter "null", tap Next.
    On the next screen, just tap Finish.
    Make sure that your new connection is selected as a default (circle filled in).

    What will happen is you'll get an error on an attempt to connect. If there's an alternative which avoids this, I'd like to know. I'm in Japan this week and even though I turned off the auto-updating of everything I can think of, my phone still connects every few minutes - drives me crazy as I can't find what's doing it.
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    modaco has a freeware called

    basically you can choose to enable/disable separate connections

    works on both std and pro devices and it's free .

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    Additionally you can use an app like Spb Wireless Monitor to keep an eye on what connection is being used by what application.
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