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    Hi *,
    is there any way to change the right on-screen button on the today screen, which is connected to Internet Explorer, to some other app?


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    I've wondered this too - anyone know??
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    I have been looking for something like this as well and came across with this:

    I haven't tried it but will try it soon
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    Use Softkey Manager
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    I used advance configurator which actually allow you to change both left and right soft keys plus it allows you to configure your treo a lot easier instead of doing registry changes. One thing I like is, I have it set to disconnect my internet connection automatically after two minutes of idle time. Here is the link and its free
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    An old stand by is to use your registry editor and search for the keys named "112" or "113" and these to keys will always be your Today screen soft keys.
    you can the use the reg editor to edit the name and what they point to.
    ThatLs all the programs do anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by scenicmmx View Post
    Use Softkey Manager
    I use it and it works flawlessly and it's free:
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    Great! Thanks. I was looking for that, too!
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    Another freeware app is KeySwop. I used it to map the Internet softkey to Opera
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCB View Post
    I use it and it works flawlessly and it's free:
    Thanks for the tip!

    Works great.

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