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    I'm trying to free up some memory on my Treo Pro, and have successfully moved all my Resco utilities from the device to the SD card. I'm wondering if we could start a list of other programs that people are running from their cards, or programs that need to be on the device to operate properly. For instance, I uninstalled Google Maps on the device, and tried reinstalling on the card...and it refuses to install there. It somehow automatically reinstalls on the device. Other programs that I'd like to move...

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    On the Treo Pro, I have installed all of my third party applications on a 8GB micro disc, including googlemaps and worldmate. From time to time, you will get an error message from the worldmate program but that is normal since the program is recommended for installation on the device. If you set the worldmate for "view intinerary preview," you can avoid the error message although the itinerary preview will pop up once or twice a day on your today screen. Googlemaps works fine. What I did for googlemaps was uninstall the version that came with the pro. Then go to the googlemaps website and type your cell number so that you can get a text with a link to the latest version of googlemaps. Upon clicking the link, it will give you the option to save it on your device or storage card. I saved it on storage card and have had no problems. I hope this helps. Let me know.
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    I installed eveything but SPB Shell on to my 8GB card also.

    Everything works fine as long as I don't remove the card

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