I currently have a Palm Treo 800w (running Windows Mobile 6.1 and running on Sprint's network) that I am using with Exchange ActiveSync from SherWeb (which is running Exchange Server 2007). I have it set up to synchronize my email, tasks, calendar, and contacts. However, I've begun to notice a major issue - things are not synchronizing correctly. When I initially set up the Exchange ActiveSync, it seemed to sync everything correctly, but since then I've noticed that data (mostly contents of the notes field in both appointments and contacts) are missing. It seems this occurs when I update a contact or appointment with new data (but it also seems to potentially occur in other situations as well). The data seems to stay correct and current on the Exchange Server (when I access it via OWA or Outlook), but the notes field for that particular contact or appointment becomes blank on the Treo 800w. Further, I've noticed that, in at least one case, it failed to update the appointment subject/title when I made the change in Outlook.

Another thing I've noticed is that the Exchange Activesync doesn't always seem to occur when it should. I created a test appointment in Outlook with a subject, location, and notes, and then when it sync'ed over to my Treo via Exchange activesync, there were no notes at all. I then tried adding notes to the blank notes field in the test appointment on the Treo, and it didn't sync at all. I did a manual sync, but it still said nothing had changed. I then changed the subject/title of the appointment, and no automatic sync occurred once more. I did a manual sync, and this time it changed the subject/title of the appointment in Outlook, and overwrote the appointment notes in Outlook with the appointment notes from the Treo 800w. Finally, I deleted the appointment fromt he Treo, and it still didn't automatically sync this deletion to the Exchange server (and Outlook). I had to manually sync it.

I've made a couple of registry hacks to the device, as well as installing a good deal of 3rd party programs, but I can't necessarily see how any of those would cause this weird issue to occur. The only registry hack I made that might indirectly affect this issue is:
(this was a change to allow more data to be saved in the appropriate notes/body fields before being truncated - I was noticing that a lot of my tasks, contacts, and appointments in which I had a lot of data in the notes/body field were being truncated and I was not able to access all of that data - this was intended to allow more data to come over in the sync so I could access it).

Could this be something that's wrong with the Exchange server? or the hosted Exchange provider (SherWeb)? Or is it an issue with my device? Or perhaps a bug?

Obviously, this is a real problem for me, since if the Exchange Activesync doesn't work correctly, the device becomes much less useful. However, I want to try avoiding a hard reset since I've spent a lot of time configuring and setting up the Treo to suit my needs.

Any help, assistance, or advice is greatly appreciated?

P.S. I'm wondering if this could at all be related to the other issue I'm having with my Treo 800w:
the other issue is that when I have an IMAP account (which is pulling its IMAP data from an Exchange 2003 server since I can't set up a second Exchange activesync session on my Treo) set up in the messaging application on my Treo and I specify it should synchronize the sent items folder, and then I send something from my Treo using this account, it briefly appears in the sent items folder after being sent, then disappears, and is no longer anywhere (including on the actual Exchange server itself - I go and check the sent items folder via Outlook and OWA and its gone from there as well) - if I don't synchronize the sent items folder, then the item correctly appears in the Sent Items folder on the Exchange server itself, but I obviously can't access it from my Treo which is what I wanted to be able to do in the first place
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