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    Hi all,

    I've downloaded and installed the Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta on to my Treo Pro. It works fantastically for the first time, but after I close it it doesn't seem to want to open again?

    When I try and re-open it, the text on the start bar changes from "Start" to "Opera Mobile" but nothing else appears on the screen.

    Does anyone else have this problem, or a workaround for it?

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    Did you check to see that it wasn't still running (in the Treo Pro task bar) and did you try a soft reset of your device to see if it would resurrect?
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    I had a similar problem and gave up and unistalled it.
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    I hear you have to exit it by going through their menu instead of hitting the corner "x" icon to close it.
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    Yep, have the same problem and can confirm that it's linked to closing Opera using the X. If you use Exit from within Opera all is fine.

    A work around is to change the option for the X button to end progams by tapping and holding.

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    Aha, it does work if you use Exit under the menu as stated.

    I like the X button to actually close the programs.. just for cleanness more than anything!

    Thanks guys, hopefully this will be something they'll fix once its out of Beta.

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