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    Anyone using MortScript with the Pro?

    I haven't ever really looked into it except for the few things I've needed it for.

    It seems the 800 guys are using it for all kinds of things.

    So what kinda things are you Pro users doing with MortScript?
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    So what kinda things are you Pro users doing with MortScript?

    Please share so I can steal the ideas and post them on the 800w forum.
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    started working on a short program to light up the beacon for missed calls and emails... other mort apps should work for the most part (need to update the plugins in pocket sports and stockcenter since zbop's updated to source to support 320x320
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    one button voice record
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    Hey looks cool. Will dig into this. I can use some scripts like the "Stay alive one"...
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