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    Just was thinking of something this morning. You know how if you press "Ok" it gets you out of the current app, but if you hold down "Ok" it opens the Task Manager? Well, is there a way to set that up with the other soft keys? Like, if you press the "Email" button it opens Pocket Outlook, but if you hold down the "Email" button it opens, say, Google Maps?

    Would be nice to be able to set up the other 3 front soft keys to have extra functionality, I think. Anybody know if this is possible, and, if so, how one would go about it? My first guess would be maybe adding extra reg keys. Kinda like adding the extra functionality to the side button I saw on one of the threads the other day. I did it and it works great, now when I press the side key it starts Google Maps, but if I hold it down it toggles the keyboard lights (thanks to zbop ). But, I'm not very good at understanding the registry. Anybody wanna give it a try?
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    since this is a soft key post, would you mind me asking how to setup that side soft key that does absolutely nothing right now?? thanks... also I am a newb but this looks like a great question to ask!
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    As per Painter:

    "Cut and paste the text between the +++ lines and save as a .reg file you can import the .reg file into the registry. Once you have imported the .reg file you can go to the button assignments and reassign the side button to keylight.exe

    Maybe someone can cab this up


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @="\"\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Camera.lnk\""

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    thanks op, when I get home "work right now" I will try it thanks!
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    Try AEButton+
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    Try AEButton+
    QFE (quoted for emphasis)

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