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    i want to start geocaching...what is a simple gps program that i can input a set of gps coordinates and it will point me in the right direction
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    i want to start geocaching...what is a simple gps program that i can input a set of gps coordinates and it will point me in the right direction
    Did you try googling "windows mobile geocaching"?

    How about RichesseGPS?
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    has anyone else got this program to woek on their 800?
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    Geoniche is a great program...It is a palm os program tho...I think people have had it set up and working with the app that lets you use palm apps on winmob os.....I cant for the life of me remember the name of the conversion app needed, but I am sure someone will chime in with it....

    Bt geoniche is really a good app...You can import from And have it route you to which ever cache you are trying to find....
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    Is geocaching a fancy word for using a gps for directions?
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    No, geocacheing is a hobby of using grid coordinates to find hidden caches.
    You can to to geocaching dot com to find out all about it.

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    so has anyone else tried it yet? i still cant get it to work
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    try cachemate, from
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    I'm interested in trying GeoScout, but I can't get it to recognize the internal GPS on the Treo. Anyone have any insight on how to get this to work? I tried changing the GPS settings, but without success.

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    RichesseGPS requires real GPS. Cachemate - the installation is done via an EXE file copied to the device - it then installs the cab file. The application can be installed in main memory or the card. From my playing with it, it works! I plan on trying it this weekend.

    I have a Garmin Colorado T and its accuracy is the same as the 800W running Google Maps.
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    Not 100% sure if these options will fit what the OP is seeking, but I've been playing w/BeeLineGPS ( and TrackMe ( for the last week or so. Both are very cool programs . . . TrackMe is free (and provides web hosting for your 'tracks' if you want so you can look at your travels on GoogleEarth or GoogleMaps) and BeeLine has a 30 day free demo/$30 purchase. You can export your tracks to a KML or GPX file, too. Note that on the 800w, both require something like GPSGate to work.

    I know w/BeeLine you can enter in waypoints w/lat/long/alt coordinates. I think TrackMe's GeoFence feature can work in a similar manner.
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    I got GeoScout working by using GPSGate and wasn't too impressed with what I found. I then tried BeeLineGPS and have been very pleased with it. I was able to run a pocket query at and upload 500 local geocaches to my phone so I can get out and look anytime the mood strikes. :-)
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    My brother is big time into geocaching, and has tried several different platforms. What worked best for him was to get a dedicated hand held GPS. The PDA and phone programs he had were okay, but when you REALLY get into this, you are trekking through woods, up mountains, all over the place. Besides getting a better signal, he wanted something that could stand getting bounced around and dropped, exposed to all kinds of weather, etc. Like I said, when you REALLY get into this, it can be fun.

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    That is very true. I have a dedicated GPSP and am now using CacheMate for detailed information, though frankly, it duplicates the Garmin Colorado. I use
    GSAK for the desktop component. I have used the 800W with Google and found it does an ok job. What I do with it is to search on the coordinates I want and then specific the location as a favorite.
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    I actually had some Decent success with Google Maps and the wap version of the geocaching website.

    incase you didn't know very simple interface perfect for phones. Using Google Maps to copy/paste the coordinates worked fine for my wife and traveling cross-country and snagging a few caches.

    Would really like Trimble to get GeoCache Navigator for Windows Mobile. Hell they have it for Black Berries now.
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    Thank you for the information on the wap site.

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