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    I have read through the forums for some ideas on some earbuds. I am looking for earbuds with an inline ability to turn off the music with the click of a button (in line on a controller), also with the ability to press the button to answer a call and hang up - with the idea of the music coming back on (which is not an issue as it does this automatically). I have searched and search, but most say that they are compatible with IPhone etc so I have been left with a bit of confusion. I am also looking for earbuds to fit under my motorbike helmet comfortably. So, after much searching for everything I wanted, I found the following one - But I need advice.

    It is the Etymotic Hf-2.

    Everywhere states that it is compatible with Iphone and any music player. I know the sound will come through on the Treo Pro. But will the controls work? It talks about working with any phone that has "and other music phones with a 3.5mm/4-contact phone + stereo plug".

    Now, I know we are a music phone and we have a 3.5mm jack and it is a stereo plug - so that only leaves the mention of "4-contact phone" which I assume allows the following features:

    Music listening
    1 click = music pauses (another click resumes music)
    2 clicks = skip to next track
    3 clicks = go back to previous track

    And also the answer and hang up features.

    Can anyone help me in answering if these earbuds will work with the pro and perhaps an explanation as to exactly what 4-contact phone means and if we have it in the treo pro.

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    I would think that 4 contacts refers to the metal contacts on the jack and not presses on the remote.

    Presumably you are talking about something with a microphone too right? Or how else are you planning to talk into the phone from under your helmet.

    If nobody can help you from this Treo end then I can recommend a site called head-fi as it is full of experts on head and ear phones.
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    RichChestmat, thanks for the fast reply. Yes, you are right, somthing with a microphone in it as well and this one has it. I agree, the 4 contacts does not refer to the presses, rather somthing to do with the metal contacts on the jack to allow for the controls to work - which maybe the Pro does on does not have. I will keep waiting for more replies and advise, and will have a look at the site you have recommended.
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    Not sure if this what you are asking but the treo does accept the 4 contact headphones. the headphones included in the box should do what you are asking as well.

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